Via francigena


The Via Francigena is a historical itinerary leading to Rome from Canterbury. At the beginning of the 11th century mainly, a multitude of souls "looking for their Lost Heavenly Home" took the habit of travelling across Europe. This route bears witness to the importance of the practice of pilgrimage in medieval times; the pilgrim was to travel mostly on foot (for penitential reasons), covering about 20-25 Km a day,and was driven by a fundamentally devotional reason: the pilgrimage to the Holy Sites of Christianity.



The common Châteauvillain offers free disposal of pilgrims a place to stay. 6 beds. Contact : City of Chateauvillain : 03 25 32 93 03 / La Clef des Champs : 06 88 56 67 94

 Chateauvillain : Bed and breakfast / 13 rue de Penthièvre. 5 rooms with shower and WC (In this house of character you are assured of a warm  welcome from your hosts Maggie and Steve Tait (30€ per person including breakfast or 50€ for a couple). Tel. : 0325320845 ou 0325035772


Possible stops in the direction of Rome

Momant (Chateauvillain 18km) : Bed and breakfast can accomodate 11 pilgrims in a charming hamlet occupied again by the Templars. (Bed 10€ - Breakfast 5€). Contact : Ms Michelot . Tel. : 03 25 31 21 41


Possible stop in the direction of Canterbury

Clairvaux : Brotherhood Saint Bernard / 14 rue de l’Abbaye. Tel ; : 03 25 27 86 48


Dépliant destiné aux pèlerins

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La Via par le Chemin des Bonshommes