Visites guidées de Châteauvillain

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Humorous guided city tours are offered throughout the year by appointment.Duration of the visit: 1h30


Now these tours are available in English

Contact: Marie-Rose Patelli

Tel. : 06 82 39 19 48 Price: € 5 -

Free for children under 16 accompanied PASS TOURISM or groups (minimum 5 persons) € 4

Document visite de la ville

Pour ne rien manquer en visitant la cité

Notre association vous propose ce petit dépliant qui reprends tous les lieurs emblématiques de notre Pette Cité de Caractère.


Ce document est provisoire... car un nouveau plan cavalier est en cours de réalisation...


En attendant fin juillet... note document peut vous aider à préparer votre visite de Chateauvillain.

Bonne découverte !

Catherine Boussard

Présidente de l'Association La Clef des Champs


Jardin Médiéval

To discover in the Court of the Auditorium, this young medieval garden, born in 2011, is open to all.Installed on the earthwork near the bread oven, the medieval garden has eight thematic squares to discover the medieval plants and their virtues.


Open all year admission free, it appeals to both enthusiasts as gardeners!

In May 2015, has been completely transformed ... and shines new colors ...



Chapelle de la Trinité (1604)

Porte Madame entrée de la ville au XIVe

Une ruelle couverte de la ville

Châteauvillain "la médiévale"

The image of Châteauvillain is most often linked  to its 272 hectare fallow deer park which makes walkers happy, but it isn't its only asset


In fact, the history of Châteauvillain, throughout  centuries is a true epic which deserves to be discovered


It is inscribed in the stone of its surrounding walls dating from the  XII and XIV centuries, at the top of its twenty towers (there used to be more than sixty), in its maze of alleyways and paths round the battlements, this amazing history only asks to come to light


Nicely nestled in a curve of the river Aujon, Châteauvillain is also the city of gardens just above water, nested in the ancient trenches dug in the calcareous rock


Situation : Châteauvillain is 21km from Chaumont,  23km from Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises and 52km from  Langres. Arriving From the motorway « l'autoroute A5»  exit no 23 (17km) or exit no 24 (14km)



Châteauvillain is the county seat of district located in the south of Haute-Marne, in Champagne. The city is in the center of a triangle formed by the towns of Châtillon/Seine(Côted'Or),Bar/Aube (Aube) and Chaumont (Haute-Marne. Châteauvillain counts 1733 inhabitants with the hamlet of Montribourg, the associated villages of Créancey, Marmesse and Essey les Ponts. Its area is 7942ha , among which 5032 ha of forests. This pretty village also implements to acquire the quality-label of « small city of character »

 If you need any further informations about the city, its plans and functioning, but    also everything about its schools, associations, transport,, childhood , adults,, about the agricultural world around and different timetables, just go to :



Maison de la Prévôté

Tour de l'Auditoire

The Auditoire Tower


Free entrance from courtyard (14 rue de Penthièvre) every day from 14h to 18h from 1 July to 31 August and all year by appointment for tour groups
Contact: The key fields 03 25 32 15 41 or 06 88 56 67 94

To discover in the tower

To discover in the tower:
The Museum and its amazing modelsThis small museum Châteauvillain allows, among others, to discover a model representing the formerly occupied space in the heart of the city by the castle of Châteauvillain. Realized, from an original plan signed by the architect Ragot in 1865, this model sheds all stages of the construction of this imposing citadel whose construction is spread in the XIIth XVIIèmesiècle.

The guardroom

To discover
The guardroom welcome every summer for temporary exhibitions and events. Every day from 14h to 18h from 1 July to 31 August.

The donation Jean Rouot.

To discover also
The donation Jean Rouot.
Jean Rouot (1917-2000), a veterinarian, Mayor of Châteauvillain, sculptor and painter of talent will remain a key figure in the city.

Elément du château du Duc de Vitry VXIIe

Lavoir à parquet flottant et le vilain

Porte Madame / Entrée du Parc aux daims

Le Moulin Bas

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Dépliants La Clef des Champs

Visite de Châteauvillain

Tous les lieux emblématiques de la ville mais aussi de quoi éviter de se perdre dans les innombrables ruelles....



Eglise Notre Dame et Chapelle

Découvrir un peu de l'histoire des deux édifices religieux remarquables de Chateauvillain.


Chapelle de la Trinité

UN peu d'histoire d'un édifice emblématique de la ville

Le colombier de Chateauvillain

Construit au XVIIe se colombier compte 3000 boulins. Il était à l'époque de sa construction le 3ème plus grand colombier de France

Les cuirasses de Marmesse

Découvertes en 1974, les cuirasses de Marmesse ont une histoire peu commune.

Le prieuré et l'église de Marmesse

On sait que le Prieuré de Marmesse existait déjà au XIIe, l'église elle aussi est très ancienne. Quelques pans de leur hitoire commencent à se dévoiler

Les fours à pain

Nous passons les fours au crible !

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